Air Con Repairs, Servicing & Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioners within your home or office vital to the longevity of the system as well as the overall efficiency that you get in terms of both energy savings and impact in the environment. Inadequate Air Conditioning Servicing in Johannesburg may mean you run into costly issues whereby parts or internal circuitry wear out far quicker, leaks occur or the unit starts to make a much louder noise. Thankfully, we not only supply and install air con but also have a large service department that can arrange a regular servicing contract for you.

Air Conditioner Servicing Johannesburg

Air Conditioning Servicing in Johannesburg is fairly straight forward and like servicing a car, the more attention you pay to it, the longer it last and costs you less. Providing you stick to at least a yearly service, the internal components and working of the unit will continue to work efficiently, effectively cooling the desired room or space within your home and keeping you electricity bill low. Failure to upkeep any AC system may lead to costly repairs or even full replacement of the unit.

If you are having an unfortunate instance whereby your Air Conditioning stopped working, we can help. Our repair engineers are fully trained on practically every make and model of AC system and are familiar with all manufactures. We stock a huge range of spare parts, circuit boards, replacement remote controls, condenser units, ducting and filter to ensure your issue is dealt with promptly. Call us today for the very best in Air Conditioning repair Johannesburg on 011 568 1394.

Air Conditioner repair Johannesburg

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